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Yuri Calderon is an experienced attorney providing strategic legal services to select corporate clients and public agencies.



In addition to serving as general counsel to a variety of public agencies, Calderon has also served and continues to serve as legal counsel to a number of small to medium sized corporations focused on growing their market share.  Calderon, utilizing the experience of growing the law firm as well as his corporate legal experience to effectively advise companies on expansion and the art of corporate deal making.  

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Calderon has served as General Counsel to the:

  • Oxnard School District

  • Otay Water District

  • San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

  • Latino Caucus of the League of California Cities

  • California Association of Latino Community College Trustees

  • Southwestern Community College District 

  • San Ysidro School District

Among others.

In 2006, Calderon founded and was appointed as the first Managing Partner to the newly formed law firm, Garcia Calderon Ruiz, LLP.  Calderon served as Managing Partner for a period of five years and lead the firm from the original thirteen lawyers to a firm of thirty-two attorneys in five cities throughout the Southwest and Western United States.  Today, that firm continues to flourish because of Calderon's leadership and the organizational systems that he developed and implemented.

Most recently, Calderon has been providing business consulting services to small to medium sized businesses and public agencies.  Specifically, Calderon has provided complex construction consulting services to large public construction projects.

During his long career, Calderon has been recognized for the superior quality legal advice, his strong fiduciary commitment to his client and for the value he provides to his clients.

In 2009, Calderon was recognized as Attorney of the Year by the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.

Shortly thereafter, Calderon was recruited by Bracewell & Patterson, LLP (now Bracewell & Guiliani, LLP) to represent school districts, community colleges, cities and other special districts.

In 2001, Calderon was recruited by Burke Williams & Sorensen, LLP to represent public agencies in San Diego and thereafter to lead the San Diego Office of the firm.  Calderon served on the firm's hiring and marketing committees.  Calderon represented small businesses, non-profits and public agencies from San Diego to Ventura Couties.  

After serving as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas, Calderon served as Assistant General Counsel to the Houston Independent School District under the leadership of Dr. Rodrick Paige. Dr. Paige later went on to serve as the Secretary of Education under George W. Bush.

During this time Calderon worked with school administrators on nearly every area of school law, including but not limited to special education, construction, employment agreements, employee dispute resolution, administrative hearings, employee terminations, public records and open meetings.

Yuri Calderon

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